Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Welcome to 2017 and Room 3.
We are a busy class this year, there are 29 students, with me (Ms Sperring) here Monday to Thursday, Mr Robertson here on Fridays, and Tina here Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and all day Thursday.  Sadly, we've already said good-bye to one of our classmates, who's moved to Auckland.

Our topic 'the land beneath our feet' has meant that we have thought a lot about our homes. We have written some poems and a memoir, as well as surveying our classroom community to discover the ideal house for the Kaimai community.  To finish off this section of work we are decorating pillowcases (motivated by 'The Quiltmakers Gift') to make into some sails for the ceiling which will hopefully help asborb some sound as well as looking amazing.

We have now started learning about actual land beneath our feet and are discovering how the rock cycle works.  We've only had a couple of days but already have been quite surprised at some of our discoveries.  Watch this video for an introduction to what we are learning.

These pictures show the ideas about rocks that we had and questions that we are looking to answer during this topic.

We are enjoying our time in the pool, and are developing various skills really well - we have some great underwater swimmers, some interesting handstand creators, and a committed group of whirlpool makers.  Everyone can get into the pool backwards now which has been a huge challenge for some - so well done!

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