Sunday, 11 October 2015

Term 4

Welcome to term 4 and room 3!

The children are quite pleased to be 'promoted' back to room 3, so voted to no longer be known as Tuis, but as room 3.

The first happening this term is obviously calf club, this Saturday.  The children are completing most of the work at home, by choice, but there will be some time to do some bits and pieces at school if they wish.

This term the students are going to be undertaking 'passion projects'.  These will be topics that your children will choose and complete pretty much on their terms, with a bit of guidance from me.
Below is the presentation that I gave them outlining what I am expecting.  Please pay particluar attention to the slide that says "Ask for help if you need it!" and encourage your children to do so!

As it says on the slide show, presentation date is 16th October.  If they have three tasks to present they will be considered to have completed it and they will earn a bonus. Anything above that will be welcomed and celebrated as stated on the sheet, and the class will have some input into how they feel their classmates have completed their work.  They are very honest but generous if Tuesday homework presentations are anything to go by!

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