Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Novel studies

This notice went home yesterday, the tasksheets are now under the literacy tab.

Dear Parents,

This is a note to update you on what’s happening with The Tuis at the moment.  They are currently working on novel studies, and have a book with a task sheet which has to be completed. Hopefully you have seen the book at home as they have been reading it(!) and you may even have seen them working on the tasks.  These studies are due to be completed and handed in next Monday (14th), any tasks which aren’t complete will be worked on during morning tea and lunchtime until they are. So far I have seen some great work and I’m looking forward to collecting it all in.

I have put the task sheets on the classroom website for your reference, so you can assist or prompt if you feel the need.  It explains what is required and the marking schedule.

They are also writing their own novels which will be due to be completed at the end of the term. As well as developing their reading and writing skills, these tasks are designed to develop their sense of responsibility and self-management.

If you have any queries about what is required don’t hesitate to contact me, although I will be off school Thursday and Friday so may take a little longer to reply to a text or email.

Thanks for your support,

Kind regards,

Lynne Sperring.

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