Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dear Parents and Caregivers

It is now time for the first Parent and Teacher Conference.  This is a time when your child, yourself and the teacher come together to discuss the how your child has settled into Kaimai School for the 2015 year. It is also a good opportunity to have the goals for the year set out and explained.

We have spread the interview times over the period of three weeks, from Tuesday the 3rd of March to Thursday the 19th of March.  We are hoping that this allows more flexibility for you and also allows the interviews to be more manageable for the teachers.

Please fill out the form below with your top three preferred times and return to school, with 1 being your number one choice, and 3 being your number three choice.  This will then be confirmed by your child’s teacher and returned back to you.  Please note that the teacher may not always be able to assign your preferred times, however they will endeavour to try their best.


Dane Robertson


Teacher: Lynne Sperring

Parent/Guardian name:______________________________

Your child’s name:____________________

The times I would prefer to have the conference are (please number 1 to 3 in the preferred box):

Tuesday 3 March

Wednesday 4 March

Tuesday 10 March

Thursday 12 March

Tuesday 17 March

Wednesday 18 March

Thursday 19 March

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