Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Virtue of Friendliness

On Thursday Room 3 presented our take on Friendliness. We showed how sometimes attempts to be friendly don't go quite to plan!  Watch, learn and enjoy :)

Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Welcome to 2017 and Room 3.
We are a busy class this year, there are 29 students, with me (Ms Sperring) here Monday to Thursday, Mr Robertson here on Fridays, and Tina here Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and all day Thursday.  Sadly, we've already said good-bye to one of our classmates, who's moved to Auckland.

Our topic 'the land beneath our feet' has meant that we have thought a lot about our homes. We have written some poems and a memoir, as well as surveying our classroom community to discover the ideal house for the Kaimai community.  To finish off this section of work we are decorating pillowcases (motivated by 'The Quiltmakers Gift') to make into some sails for the ceiling which will hopefully help asborb some sound as well as looking amazing.

We have now started learning about actual land beneath our feet and are discovering how the rock cycle works.  We've only had a couple of days but already have been quite surprised at some of our discoveries.  Watch this video for an introduction to what we are learning.

These pictures show the ideas about rocks that we had and questions that we are looking to answer during this topic.

We are enjoying our time in the pool, and are developing various skills really well - we have some great underwater swimmers, some interesting handstand creators, and a committed group of whirlpool makers.  Everyone can get into the pool backwards now which has been a huge challenge for some - so well done!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Room 3 are about to start a topic about heroes,  comparing a sporting hero who is representing New Zealand at the olympic games with a hero whose actions are deemed more traditionally heroic.  They will be sharing their knowledge in their own newspapers.

The definition that room 3 came up with for a hero was "Someone whose actions put them at risk to help someone else."

The following websites may give inspiration in the search for a hero.

The games schedule
The athletes
NZ legends
More NZ legends
Real life heroes

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Elms Visit

24th March 2016

Dear Parents,

The year is progressing quickly, and the end of the first term is fast approaching. So far the year has gone really well.  The children are developing their work habits beautifully and becoming quite independent.

To round off the work we have been doing about the early settlers, I have organised a trip to The Elms, on Thursday, April 14th.  The trip will take about an hour, so I will be adding something else on, possibly a trip to the park to celebrate the end of term, or a visit to the historic village. There is a cost of $2 for this trip. We will be leaving school at 9am and will probably be back at school by lunchtime, certainly by 1pm.   If you are able to help with transport, or would like to come with us, please return the form attached.

We are experimenting with our afternoon programme at the moment, trialling ‘diy time’, a time where the children can explore any area that they want to.  They need to have a goal related to either a skill, a question or completing a project that they will work towards reaching. We will be doing this on Mondays and Wednesdays, so if they have anything in particular they need from home those will be the days to bring it.  If you have any questions or ideas about what your child has chosen, or wishes to do, feel free to contact me.

I am trying to remember to put notices on the website as they are written, so if you think you may be missing something check there.  I have just posted the childrens paragraphs about the early settlers on the site so if you get a chance check them out. They did really well sharing their information with the rest of the class.

Parent teacher conferences are going well, if you don’t have a time slot and would like one, let me know and I will fit you in.

Thanks for your support this year,
kind regards,

Lynne Sperring.

I give permission for ___________________ to visit the Elms on  Thursday 14th April.
I enclose $2        yes     no

I am able to help with transport ( if yes please fill in the form below)     Yes          no


Transport Safety Form
I confirm that I hold an appropriate current drivers licence for the vehicle I will be driving.

My licence is a Full Drivers Licence
I confirm that the vehicle I will be driving is registered and has a current Warrant of Fitness
I confirm that I will not smoke in the vehicle or text/talk on a cellphone while transporting students
Each passenger in the vehicle will use a seat belt
Belted seating capacity of the vehicle (number excluding driver):

Signed by the person driving the car:

Print Full Name:


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Today's spelling lesson

English is such a hard language to learn! Our children do so well. Follow this link to remind yourselves just what they're up against!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

2nd February 2016

Dear Parents,

This is just a brief note to welcome everyone back to Kaimai for 2016.  In room 3, nothing much has changed, apart from missing last years year 5’s!  We have got two new students, Karma and Eden, who have joined us with great enthusiasm and have settled in wonderfully and Janneke MacDonald has also joined room 3.

Our swimming programme will be starting on Friday, our usual swimming days will be Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, although if enough children have their togs and the occasion arises, we may well swim on Monday and Wednesday as well.  The KRSA swimming sports are to be held at Greerton pool on Tuesday, 23rd February.  This is a lot earlier than usual, I will send a note home soon regarding offers of transport, but would appreciate it if you could mark it as a possibility on your calendars in the meantime.  Our school swimming sports will be held on Thursday 10th March, you will get more information about this nearer the event.

There is a trip planned to the Tauranga art gallery, the children will go by bus to this, a benefit paid for by the council!  Again, a notice will come out nearer the event.

Our Virtue for this term is purposefulness, so we are thinking about goal setting, along with a thinking about  ‘rights, responsibilities and change’ in our study of the treaty of Waitangi and the effect it has had on the people of New Zealand. 

It is lovely to see everyone back, I hope to catch up with you all at some point - speaking of which,
conferences will run between 21st March and 11th April.  If you are available for parent help on any days, I would love to see you, either on a permanent, weekly basis or just as you are available. You can email me on or catch up with me in the classroom.

Enjoy the rest of the summer
Kind regards,

Lynne Sperring.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Back to the Future in Room 3!!

Really exciting times in Room 3 today - Ashvin's made a hoverboard which he has taken great pride in sharing for homework!
He is the first recipient of a double triple bonus! Well done Ashvin, thanks for sharing! 
Check out the class Passion Projects that they have prepared on their prezi accounts.  You can connect to them through the link at the side of the site.